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  • Please cancel operation of "Receiving mail refuse setting" on your PC/ cell phone so that you can receive mail from「」
  • Entries with free e-mail addresses may not be able to be sent correctly.
  • After receipt of mail, "Inquiry receipt mail" will be sent by automatic reply.
  • If you do not receive the inquiry reception mail,Please contact us at
  • Also, regarding entry cancellation after entry, please contact us at
  • Entry fee payee's information
    Please pay the entry fee promptly after completing the application.
    *It can not be received in cash on the day of the match.
    BRANCH NAME: Yotsuya Branch
    SWIFT CODE: botkjpjt
    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1258030
    ACCOUNT NAME: 日本プロポケットビリヤード連盟 支部長 岡田將輝
    Masaki Okada, Branch Manager, Japan Professional Pocket BilliardsAssociation

    *Please bear the transfer fee by yourself.
    *In the case of transfer for more than one person, please fill in the transfer holder and other name.